Who is AskNurseLauren

Hi! I am so glad you stumbled onto my page! This is a safe place to seek some answers for all things related to your kids and their care at a pediatric office, healthy living, breast pumping, breastfeeding, and raising young kids as well as some reviews that I feel have made a difference in my life. 

I am a mom to a little boy who is nearing those scary toddler years as well as to a blonde golden retriever who is doing all he can do to stay away from his human brother. I am also a wife to an amazing Physical Therapist who means the absolute world to me. I am also a Jesus Christ loving woman who is trying to live in His Will.

I was raised all over the south (Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee) but I was born in New Mexico due to my dad being in the Air Force at the time. I am 1 of 5 kids! Growing up with 4 other kids in the house was actually a lot of fun. There was always something going on, whether that be someone getting in trouble or trying to make a “secret” garden out in the woods. Needless to say; I had a blessed childhood.

I became a registered nurse back in 2019 with a multi state license (that means that I am able to practice in 37 states) from Belmont University here in Nashville, TN. I have been working in a pediatric clinic for a couple years now and am very versed in the daily life of a nurse there. Becoming a mom totally changed my view of being a nurse who works with kids. From getting to see little ones, to talking with parents on the phone and helping them with their questions, it is so fulfilling that I can’t believe I get to be a part of all these lives in some small way.

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