Review of Earth and Eden diapers

As a first time mom I never once thought about all the different types of diapers out there. NOT ONCE! I literally thought “I can’t wait to snuggle my baby all day long” and do nothing but just enjoy their presence. How wrong I was…

I certainly did not think that my baby might have sensitive skin or that some textures or brands would not work with my baby, I mean, who even thinks about those things until you’re in the throws of parenthood?! Well, you would have thought that with me being a pediatric nurse something along those lines would have crossed my mind… It sure as heck did not. I was a very naive first time mom.

Earth and Eden Diapers

When my little one finally came earth side we were immediately hit with sensitive skin problems. Neither my husband or I really have that sensitive of skin. I am allergic to latex but a lot of healthcare professionals are at this point. We touch a lot of latex products in the health care world which only makes the problem worse. My little guy was about a week old when we learned he not only had that new born fragile skin, but also had managed to create some extra sensitive skin while baking away in the womb. He had a horrible diaper rash that had open lesions. Now, a newborn diaper rash is VERY common but the one that my LO (little one) had was a bit more intense than that common diaper rash. Thus began our search for the right kind of diaper rash cream and the right kind of diapers.

As a first time mom you get TONS of diapers and wipes at the baby showers. I had a plethora of different diapers to try right from the start. Pampers (multiple different kinds), Huggies, and Loves were the ones that I tried first. Those are all the most readily available. Tried and true right? I mean, I was raised on Huggies. None of my siblings ever had any issue with diapers. I am 1 of 5 kids in the family. Surely my kid wouldn’t have any issues I didn’t have right… hear my deep saturated sarcasm?

Literally none of those worked for us. After those more common brands, we moved on to Honest Company Diapers. These actually worked really well for his skin but he kept leaking out of those even when he was in his correct size. Then came Millie Moon (a target brand) and Hello Bello. I loved the fact that Hello Bello and Honest diapers came right to my door if you were to set it up that way. So I knew I was on the right track to what kinds of subscriptions I wanted. If only we could get a diaper brand that was kind to my sons skin, wouldn’t leak, and weren’t crazy expsenive. After many months of trying to find a brand we FINALLY found a brand that my son was able to wear and not tear into his skin. I’m telling you, he would literally scratch at his diaper area so badly that he would break the skin open. I was really starting to think my son would have to just deal with the itchiness but along came the Earth and Eden Diapers!

These diapers are so soft, appropriately big, and are free of harmful chemicals. They are also free of lotions, LATEX, chlorine bleaching, fragrance, and parabens. One of the biggest pluses (besides my sons skin becoming way less irritated) is that it is so much cheaper than Honest or Hello Bello. I bought a box after my sister recommended them to me. I loved them so much that I got on the subscription list and had it delivered through Amazon once a month. I even found that the amount that they provide in each box was perfect! I never ran out of diapers and they were always on time (thanks amazon)! These diapers have a very traditional look to them. Some people do not like that look and want their diapers a little more personalized like Honest or Hello Bello. They are white with a urine indicator line on them which is a must in my book.

Below is a list of Pro’s and Con’s for this review of the Earth and Eden Diapers.

Pros Cons
– Perfect for sensitive skin – Only able to buy on Amazon
– No harsh chemicals/irritating skin products – Cheaper only with the subscription
– Cheap – Not always in stock for correct size
– Urine/wet indicator from front to back – Not personalize looking
– Clean white/tradtional look to them – No customizable amount of diapers

All in all I am incredibly satisfied to have found a diaper brand who makes my mama heart happy knowing my LO’s skin is so much happier and healthier! I would recommend this diaper brand to anyone I know. If you have any questions regarding these diapers then please feel free to reach out or leave a comment.

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