Triple Paste Diaper Rash Cream Review

Remember how I told you that my son has very sensitive skin? And how we went on quite the journey to find a diaper brand that we trusted and was the best for him? It ended up being the Earth and Eden Diapers! Well, that journey also included finding a diaper rash cream that would help his sweet little toushy along.

After a few months of trying out Desitin and Aquaphor on the various rashes that he got, we finally tried Triple Paste. This diaper rash cream is truly a miracle worker! After one application his diaper rash was almost completely gone. Now, when he had one of his really bad diaper rashes (open lesions) it would take a couple rounds of treatments, but I still feel like that is much better than when I tried the other creams.

Even if I felt like a diaper rash was coming (meaning that his little booty was starting to get slightly pink), then I would put on some Triple Paste and by the time I changed him again, it was completely gone.

Triple Paste is made in a couple different sizes. We bought the 16 oz can and boy am I glad we did. That sucker lasted us a full year! If you are well versed in diaper rash cream, then you know there are a couple different looks out there. There is the clear jelly type (Aquaphor), which is probably my least favorite diaper rash solution, Putty (Boudreaux’s Butt Paste ), and a white thick paste (Triple Paste).

Now, if you have found a diaper rash cream that works best for you and your little one, then by all means pay no attention to this review. In my experience, I think that Triple paste is ALMOST perfect for every diaper rash. The only reason I say almost is because it is pricey and it won’t treat a yeast diaper rash. I have another solution for that stubborn yeast diaper rash. If you need tips on a yeast diaper rash I have something better for you in my How to Treat Yeast Diaper Rash post.

Since we prefer the thick paste that comes in the jar, rather than a squeeze tub, that means we would have to stick our finger into the jar. Some people do not care about getting this under their finger nails, but if something is under the edge of my nail that resembles anything like lotion (my arch nemesis), then I get all grossed out. However, we found the cutest solution that we call the Butt Spatula or Bumco Baby Bum Brush! This handy tool is a must have! There is even a little travel size that comes with a clear container so when you’re out and about it doesn’t get diaper rash cream all over your diaper bag. There is a suction cup end to this brush so that you can just stick it to the floor or changing table while you change their diaper. They thought of every thing with this!

When applying Triple paste it is very important to have the diaper rash area very dry before applying the paste. Diaper rash creams work by creaming a barrier between the problem (poop, urine, or other irritants such as the diaper material). This Diaper rash cream is also meant to be a prevention paste as well.

You really can’t go wrong when you use this awesome diaper rash cream! This is something I recommend as a nurse to anyone who comes to me with help regarding those pesky diaper rashes. All in all, this is a worthy diaper rash cream and totally worth the extra money that you will spend on it. It will far outshine all the other creams you try on your sweet little ones!

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