What to Expect at First Newborn Doctors Visit

Are you enthralled with newborn life yet? It really is this beautiful mixture of feelings from excitement, nervousness, exhausting, joy, love, and maybe even some hormonal tears. Trust me, those hormonal tears are REAL!

As you adjust to life with your new baby, there many things to get the hang of and one of those is juggling all of the new born appointments! As a pediatric nurse, I find that this stage is one of the most rewarding times. I get to see all these parents step up into a new role. I get to see these tiny people start to put on weight and achieve developmental milestones every couple of weeks to months. Even after having multiple kids, that new baby is still a learning curve. Each baby is so unique and fits perfectly into that wonderful family.

There are some things that are pretty important regarding new born life that you absolutely have to be meeting the minimum standards for. Eating, peeing, and pooping. Yep, all babies just need those three things.

During a new born call (usual done after you have been home for about 24 hours), we will ask you basically how you and baby are doing. Making sure they are having multiple wet diapers in that 24 hours since leaving the hospital, either starting to feel somewhat established with breastfeeding or making sure they are taking enough ounces of formula if the parents choose either route, and if the baby is pooping.

Let’s talk about that poop! New born poop will always start out a very black/dark color and be very sticky(Meconium). One of the ways to know that your baby is taking on enough breastmilk (and to inform mom that her milk is really in and it’s not just colostrum any longer) or formula is by watching the poop. It will start to change to a green/yellow seedy type of poop if you are breastfeeding and to a brown color with formula. When we do our newborn call this is an important question as it tells us that things are progressing wonderfully! This usually happens around day 3-5 of a newborns life.

After its established that the baby is doing well we will ask the parents if they have any questions and then set up their first doctors appointment. We try to aim for when the newborn is still just a few days old.

What to Expect at the First Doctors Visit

You will come in with your baby and the nurse will greet you in your room. The nurse will ask some questions and kind of get an idea of how things are going so that the nurse can relay it to the doctor. The nurse will then check all the vitals (height, weight, and head circumference) before the doctor comes in.

You will want to have any questions on a list ready to pull out because you mostly likely will have forgotten them once you are in the throws of the appointment because lets face it – you have baby brain- at the moment.

Below are some sample questions you may want to be aware of:

  • Is my baby gaining enough weight?
  • Are they having age appropriate wake times? (There isn’t much wake time for a newborn)
  • how are the siblings adjusting?
  • How are you (mom and parents) fairing with emotions?
  • When can the baby sleep through the night? (not usually until they at least hit their birth weight, and even that’s a stretch)

One thing that our office provides is a baby book. This book is so important for us as new parents as it keeps a record of their vitals (weight, height, and head circumference), dates of shots they have gotten, and common medication dosages based on appropriate weight/age guides. Hopefully your office will give you something of that nature and if they don’t I would suggest getting something off amazon to keep track of it all. Looking back at all of their progress is very rewarding as a parent.

The picture that I have linked below is exactly what I would encourage you to get and just keep in your diaper bag so you always have it with you when you go to your future appointments.

Before you leave your appointment make sure to make your next appointment. That two week visit will be there so quickly and then you will be scrambling trying to get an appointment at your busy pediatricans office.

If hope this was of some help to you as you embrace that newborn life! If you subscribe to my email list you can gain access to a free printable list for your first doctors visit! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave it in the comment section below or shoot me an email!

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