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By now you all may be aware that I am a mother to a little one with VERY sensitive skin! I’m talking this child will break out in a rash on his face if strawberry juice touches his skin. We even went on the hunt for an amazing diaper brand (Click here to learn more about those diapers) because he would scratch himself until he bled because diapers would irritate his sweet skin so badly. He even started to show signs of excema type spots on his arms/shoulders. As a new mom I felt like I was doing something wrong and not able to help my newborn adjust to life outside of the womb.

Having a child with sensitive skin, we knew we were heading into a lifestyle of having hydrocortisone on hand at all times. While this medication worked well on his skin, I didn’t want to be putting this on him all the time. I am very thankful for what hydrocortisone is cable of, I still would rather treat his skin with a more gentle process.

Being a pediatric nurse, I knew there were some big “no no’s” to stay away from in the baby skin industry due to recalls, harmful chemicals in products, and companies throwing random ingredients in these products that would just keep the shelf life longer. I knew I needed something else and I knew it had to be out there somewhere! So, the hunt began to try to find something that would help my little bean with his sensitive skin!

When looking at the Tubby Todd online store, there are different bundles that you can buy. We decided to go for a bundle which included the the All Over Ointment, unscented body wash, and unscented body lotion. I tend to shy away from fragrance for my little one because those types of added chemicals tend to break him out. This brand is held to a higher standard than most baby products and I fully support their mission to bring gentle, clean and effective skincare products for little our ones who struggle with sensitive skin.

The All over Ointment is my most favorite product as of yet! This stuff fixes any dry spot he might have! I even just fixed some SERIOUS dandruff that he was dealing with by coating his little head in the morning with that stuff and by that night after I washed it out, BOOM! Totally gone and hasn’t returned!

My son also loves bubbles in his bath, but again, I am very cautious about bubbles because they tend to have a lot of added chemicals in them. Tubby Todd does not! While their body wash does bubble up initially it does go away within about ten minutes. Which, is perfect because he gets to play with the bubbles as a treat and then they fade away. I also feel like when he gets to play in the bubbles, it is soothing to his skin as well as helping loosen any dirt and grim that may be wanting to hang on before I can give him a good scrub!

We even use their sunscreen! Sunscreen in general is pretty harsh on little ones skin. In fact, you are not suppose to use normal sunscreen on little ones before they are 6 months old due to the chemicals in them. That is still the case with the Tubby Todd sunscreen but its a much safer option when your little one does hit that 6 month old mark.

Below are two pictures comparing the ingredients in sunscreen of Tubby Todd and Babyganics

Tubby Todd

Do you see a difference in the ingredient list? The Babyganics brand has about three times more ingredients than Tubby Todd! Why wouldn’t you want the cleanest products on your little one’s skin? Tubby Todd is also so gluten, dairy, and animal cruelty free! This brand goes above and beyond with their ingredients. As mother and pediatric nurse this is a product I tell everyone I know about, and I will continue to do so.

Parents, if you want those helpful and clean products that I mentioned above, then you won’t want to miss out of my discount! If you sign up for my email below you can obtain my special link, which will apply a 10% discount off your next order! You don’t want to miss such a great deal! I promise, you won’t ever regret getting products for your little ones.

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