Week Three and Four Review of Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

YIKES! Week three was a rough one! Week three is the week I started my detox cleanse and boy was that interesting!

Week three is a lot of drinking. By this point in the cleanse I was pretty worn out on drinking so much. I am the type of person who actually enjoys eating. Some would even call me a “foodie” and I live for it! Having to cut back on the majority of physically eating my meals was tough. This week, you add in the detox cleanse which just adds to the drinking you’re already doing. It is really important that you actually do drink a lot with it. I am telling you, I was peeing every 45 minutes to a hour! Not an ideal situation at work.

I read somewhere online that the detox drink is better cold and I am beyond glad I listened to that advice! I also changed things up and instead of drinking from one large water bottle the whole day, I mixed up all the detox and then spread it out over three different water bottles and kept the two other bottles in the fridge so that way I could keep them cold until I was ready for that one.

The actual taste of the drink was really yummy! It also tasted like a lemon fizzy stick to me. I thought it was pretty refreshing and nice to sip on throughout the day. I want to also add that I started giving plasma during this week and I 100% do not recommend that. Hind sight is 20/20 and I should have known better. I was already putting my body through something intense and to add plasma giving into that was not a good decision. My third week was a little off kilter because of that.

By the start of my fourth week I could see a difference on the scale. I also felt like my stomach looked less bloated. The fourth week was the easiest and also the hardest week. I had finally gotten into the groove of what to eat and when to eat it but on the other hand I was so close to the end of the cleanse that it made me want to give up sooner.

I actually ended my cleanse on day 28. I had a function to go to and I wanted to not be restricted during that so I decided I would end it there. I was two days away, so in my mind, I had finished the program. I learned a few things, but I will save that for my final review of the whole cleanse.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me using the contact form or leave a comment below!

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