Taking Cara Babies Review from a Pediatric Nurse

You would think that myself being a pediatric nurse I would know that newborns don’t have regular sleep, and that I would have retained that information as a new mom. Their sleep all over the place and that it is not quite regulated to anything yet. They eat when they want and sleep when they want as well.

As a new mother, I found out REAL quick that being a nurse meant nothing when it comes to lack of regulated sleep and how to cope with that. My son’s personality came out right from the start. Some could call him stubborn, demanding, challenging and I would agree to all of those. My child is mine through and through with my personality and all, I just didn’t realize he would have gotten all those traits that early on!

My child’s newborn cry was something out of this world. We even called him “our little pterodactyl” because his cry was a screech/yell type of cry. This cry would cause me to have all kinds of nervous energy and would make me go into a panic state of mind.

Fast forward to my newborn being four months old and where my husband and I were sleep deprived, anxious, and not thriving at this new life we were submerged in. I had seen a few videos of Taking Cara Babies on Instagram and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, it changed the game!

I will tell you that this course gave us all the information I never knew I needed when it comes to newborn sleep. This is the Holy Grail of newborn sleep courses. She doesn’t claim to make your four month old baby sleep, but she does encourage you to be the best mom you can be by helping your new child sleep, which is vitally important for their development. Even as a nurse, I did not know all this information.

Cara gives you all the information you will need to encourage your child to sleep. You can not make your little one sleep, but you can make their settings perfect for the outcome of sleep. I bought the course for 3-4 month olds just prior to my little guy turning four months. When that dreaded four month sleep regression happened we were prepared for it! It was still horrible (as all of his regressions have been), but we knew what to do to help our little guy get the sleep he needed.

Now, I am a firm believer of children not being sleep trained until they are six months at the very earliest. I do not believe children have the mental capacity to go through any stressor like sleep training until then. My husband and I knew we needed our son to be sleeping some solids bits at night rather than getting up 2-3 times a night by this point. So, we bought Taking Cara Babies ABC’s of Sleep to help us get through this next phase of sleeping. We needed some guidance.

ABC’s of Sleep is for 5-24 months old. This course goes through how to gently sleep train your child in 14 days. This was a HARD journey and tears were shed on both my part and my childs, but man oh man we are glad we stuck with this program and came out on the other side! He is now 17 months old and sleeps from 7pm -6am. He also takes proper naps throughout the day.

The only (MAYBE) negative to this course is that my little guy is very reliant on those sleep associations. He has to have white noise, a dark room, and about 5-6 pacifiers in his crib. However, I would take those sleep associations compared to him not sleeping.

Both of the programs we bought were 100% worth every single penny. I firmly believe that her methods work and I felt like a better mom when I was getting more sleep. I knew my baby was getting the sleep he needed for developing properly and was a happier baby overall.

I do want to say that I am not getting compensated in any way for this review. I just wanted to give an honest review and say that as a pediatric nurse I fully back this. If you’re on the fence to buying this program I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have by emailing or commenting below.

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